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Providing Community Based Services for persons with an acquired brain injury, traumatic brain injury, neurologic impairment, or related disability.
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Letters of Professional Reference

Take a moment to read these letters of reference about our company from our professional partners.

Office of Public Guardian

from Mary Michaud, MSW
National Master Guardian, Director of Guardian Services

November 3, 2021
Re: North Country Independent Living
To Whom It May Concern:
In my capacity as both guardian and the Director of Guardianship Services at the Office of Public
Guardian (OPG), I have had the opportunity over the past 20+ years to become very familiar with the
work of North Country Independent Living (NCIL). In the past I served as primary guardian for individuals residing in several NCIL residences throughout the North Conway area as well as the Barrington house. In more recent years, in addition to my own interactions, I have observed through the guardians in my department (as well as hearing directly from some of the people they serve) that NCIL staff continue to provide a high caliber of support and professionalism in carrying out their mission. Collaborative and caring are terms that I often hear regarding the team at NCIL

NCll has a long history of providing high quality residential and day habilitaion services, often for
individuals with particularly challenging needs. Garry and Patsy Sherry, Freddi Gale and Wendy Oster have established a framework that recognizes the importance of assessing the unique needs, interests and talents of each individual. Their teams consistently develop creative solutions and opportunities tailored to each resident. While all service providers strive toward that goal, NCIL is one of the few that successfully and reliably demonstrates the ability to make it happen. NCIL’s commitment to the personal dignity of the people they support is evident in all interactions from the intake and admission process through the everyday lives of the residents. NCIL prioritizes helping people find new meaning and purpose in their lives, including engaging with–and giving back to-the community, and those contributions often become a great source of pride for the people we serve.

The guardians at OPG consider our clients fortunate when a rare opening is available that might be a good fit. I am pleased to recommend NCIL services to anyone considering residential placement.

Brain Injury Association of NH

from Stephen D. Wade, MBA
Executive Director

November 11, 2021
To Whom It May Concern:
It is my pleasure to write this letter of support in recognition of the exceptional brain injury supports and services that are provided by North Country Independent Living (NCIL). NCIL is a leader in providing whole person services to individuals living with a brain injury or stroke within the community.

The Brain Injury Association of NH (BlANH) has worked closely with NCIL for many years and feel that NCIL provides excellent residential and community-based services to individuals who often have challenging brain injury needs. Currently, BIANH is an external Service Coordinator for an individual who resides at a NCIL supported home. It was a challenging road to finally have this person moved to NCIL and since the move in, this individual has become more independent and is currently employed. This demonstrates the ability of NCIL to work with individuals to ensure that they are not just living in their community but are a part of their community.

During the COVID pandemic, NCIL has continually kept all residents safe and healthy and without incident. This testifies well to quality of care provided and the dedication of their staff.

Again, it is a pleasure to write this letter of support for NCIL due to the exceptional supports they provide to individuals living in the community. Please feel free to contact me at 603-225-8400 if you have any further questions.

Lakes Region Community Services

from David Emond
Vice President of Operations

November 2, 2021
To whom it may concern.
Please accept this reference letter on behalf of North Country Independent Living (NCIL).

Lakes Region Community Services has collaborated and partnered with NCIL, while having a positive congenial relationship over the past thirteen years. During this time, NCIL has proven to provide excellent residential and community-based services for many residents that have had a myriad of needs. The residences are always well kept, and the individuals seem to thrive in an environment that encompasses community connections which include volunteerism, employment, and social activities.

During this past twenty months of COVID, NCIL has continually kept all residents safe and healthy and had not one incident of resident illness, this is a true testament to the quality of care provided and diligence of all employees during this unprecedented time.

The Service Coordinators, Medical team, and Financial/Accounting members of Lakes Region Community Services share positive interactions with all NCIL employees.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions.

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