North Country Independent Living

Providing Community Based Services for persons with an acquired brain injury, traumatic brain injury, neurologic impairment, or related disability.
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Residential Admissions

North Country Independent Living offers a wide spectrum of services for young adults and older adults. While each program is unique, every individual is offered the opportunity to be evaluated for services through NCIL. All programs are community-based and are non-institutional. Our admissions criteria and process are outlined below.

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Admission Criteria:

  • The individual should be medically stable both physically and mentally. NCIL realizes that with any disability, there may be underlying depression, history of substance abuse, or other factors. NCIL has been successful in these areas.
  • The individual should have the ability to resolve conflict verbally without physical aggression and not be a danger to self or others. NCIL does understand that with any disability, there may be a degree of frustration; and NCIL has been successful with de-escalating physical situations without the use of restraint. We have a non-restraint policy.
  • The individual should be able to perform or have the ability to learn self-care activities with minimal assistance. In many instances family members are pleased with progress achieved when they may have previously been informed that the task might not have been achievable.
  • The individual should be able to participate in vocational or volunteer activities with some assistance. NCIL is a vendor for Vocational Rehabilitation, we actively pursue employment opportunities for individuals in our community. NCIL also believes in giving back to our communities with our active volunteer programs.
  • The individual should be willing and able to select and participate in recreational and leisure activities with some supervision.
  • Appropriate funding should be in place.


Admission Process:

  • NCIL accepts referrals by the individual, family member, case manager, guardian, or other professionals.
  • Phone NCIL at 603) 356-0282 to begin the initial intake process.
  • Schedule a tour of the NCIL residences.
  • Evaluation process begins, plan of care written, budget is developed.
  • Funding is secured.
  • Transition plan is developed to ensure a smooth uneventful transition.
  • Admission packet is reviewed and signed.